As our brand name Asataiyo indicates (jap.: asa no taiyo = morning sun), we value innovation and creative new beginnings.
Although we have not yet claimed the right to say „that‘s what we stand for“ in the streetwear industry, that is our main goal.
We don‘t want Asataiyo to be your next generic and replaceable mainstream brand, so naturally a lot of thought went into the collection.
For everyone interested, these are the concepts for the designs of our first collection „beauty and transience“:

Kimono Longsleeve

In japan the kimono is traditionally worn for special occasions. One of these occasions is hanami (jap.: flower viewing). During hanami people gather together to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms, that will soon be gone.
The goal with this design was to bring that celebration and enjoyment into everyday life. So this design is not only building the bridge between the traditional and a modern design, but also carries the hidden meaning to treat every day as a special occasion.


There is a lot to say about this design and the thought process behind it. Since we already did our best to describe it with the backprint design, we‘d like to share parts of the text here once again:

Sakura is the national symbol of japan. The beautiful blossoms only bloom in late march and april and therefore are associated with the transience of life. This design combines the symbol of transience with a human element in form of a dna helix. Altough human life is a part of this ephemeral cycle we tend to forget that. It‘s ephemeral nature is what makes life itself truely beautiful.

Through the combination of both elements we wanted to express the transience of human life. This highlights the need to enjoy our life and is the message this design holds.

Sakura Hoodie

By default everything we touch in our lifes is transient. Everything we create is part of this cycle, yet we still use our hands to create beautiful things. We wanted to design a hoodie that embraces this beauty of creation, so the arms had to be the focus point.
And what better motif would there be than the cherry blossoms with their inherent meaning?

Mono No Aware Tee

This T-Shirt has a relatively simple design, but rounds off the collection perfectly. Mono no aware is a concept that essentially describes the joy for beauty paired with the sadness about its transience. The feeling of nostalgia and the sense of beauty is what we wanted to express with the collection.